Your Sumptuous, Private Escape

The Luxury Vacation Escape
Hermitage • \HER-mih-tij\ [anglo] or \ER-mih-taj\ [française] • noun. [1] 2 : a secluded residence or private retreat.

Hermitage Estate is a beautiful, peaceful destination for nature-hedonists, with adorable lush gardens and a sense of magic in the air. For those who understand the healing tranquility and exclusive privacy of nature. The serenity is irresistible. Hire the entire estate and enjoy absolute privacy, fresh mountain air, pristine river water and a myriad of wonderful activities, should you wish to indulge. The peace and quiet, as well as the amazing comfortable surroundings, make Hermitage Estate a sunny delight you will never forget. Even when it rains, it’s exquisite.

Enjoy the ambiance, whether you visit for a special vacation escape, a creative hibernation, to elope with your love, or as a Honeymoon getaway. Indulge in daily yoga, go for a bushwalk (hike), or stroll around the Estate. You could also just relax in the Villa, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and spectacular views. Catch up on some reading or play the piano. Watch a movie or savor some conversation with your partner – or the local birdlife. However you wish to spend your vacation, the Estate will envelope you and allow you to breathe deep.


fountains on the grounds of hermitage estate