Estate Activities

A Day In The Life Of Hermitage Estate

Relax as you wish, or follow our daily health routine

As a valued guest at Hermitage Estate, you are welcome to relax in the space as you wish. However if you’d like some direction, we can give you some ideas for a healthy, balanced way to savour the property.

A wonderful  day at Hermitage Estate might begin with deep breathing, appreciation of the views  and nature, and gratitude. Saying ‘Thank you’ to the Universe/ God/ Nature/ Spirit/ whatever higher power in which you believe, is a beautiful way to set the tone for the day. Gratitude for everything is essential.


Daily Gratitude - grateful energy at Hermitage Estate

Next you may set your intentions for the day. What would you like to achieve today? What kind of person will you be today? How will you pamper and honor yourself today? What kindness can you offer someone today? Some EFT tapping can assist with clearing negative thought patterns, and focusing your thoughts on your intended goals. Similarly, a brief meditation and Chakra-clearing session can balance your mind and spirit. The atmosphere at Hermitage Estate is deeply conducive to calm meditation.


You may then continue your self-care by doing some Yoga, gentle stretching, Qi Gong or Tai Chi, (Yin-focused), or even a more active session if you are already an active person who likes to practice cardio and strength training (Yang-focused). Perhaps a refreshing hike or local walk will appeal to your senses. We believe it’s very important to focus in and connect with our bodies, in whichever way feels natural and pleasant. There’s no right or wrong way to connect with You.

We need to assess how our bodies are feeling multiple times a day. Listening to your body can not only allow you to make smart choices, but can also assist you in managing other areas of your life. The mind-body connection is good to focus on, to maximise wellness.


Qi-Gong & Tai Chi morning mobility and movement


After showering and dressing for comfort, you might enjoy a wholesome, delicious breakfast for energy and nutrients. You could then move on to an interesting local activity. Alternatively, guests may simply rest at the villa, and indulge in the solitude and tranquility of the Estate.


Nutritious meals; whole food plant based eating


Whether out and about, or relaxing at the villa, a nutritious organic lunch meal is important. You may prepare a lunch in your private kitchen, or you  may prefer to purchase your own items outside the Estate.

Personal time is important in the afternoon; whether you take a nap, enjoy a pre-booked massage/ facial, explore the grounds a little more, watch a movie or catch up on your social media/ emails, the afternoon can be for you to attend to some more of your needs. Some of the activities on site could include exploring or swimming in the pristine fresh water river, exploring the acres of gardens, or indulging in some more physical activity.

The media room is dedicated to your comfortable entertainment, and mountain bikes are available for those who feel like riding around the property or out in the beautiful Promised Land area. Vehicles can be hired in Coffs Harbour by those who feel like a little more adventure, such as off-roading.


Explore your private fresh water river, go for a refreshing swim


Later, you can prepare a nutritious and delicious dinner. Ask us for recipes! Alternatively, you may feel indulgent and pick up a local pizza or take out. Enjoy your meal at the large oak dining table, resplendent with peaceful views and dimmable chandelier for a romantic atmosphere.

We recommend early nights at the Estate; the silence is conducive to deep and restful sleep, and allows you to experience a deep, restorative recharge. Often dreams will come to you as you rest, bringing messages and reassurance. However for the natural  night-owl type, the media room is available for you to enjoy some entertainment.

There are also many books to read, or just sit quietly with a drink on the terrace and enjoy the silence and a quiet conversation with your partner. Play some quiet music and savour the peace. You may just enjoy the solitude of browsing online  and passing the time. Hermitage Estate is all about freedom and comfort, living and learning as you please.


The benefits of a restful nights deep sleep