Dedicated Media Room

The atmosphere at Hermitage Estate is so peaceful and calm, however there will most certainly be times when one feels like escaping with a movie, or watching the news, idly watching a cooking show or sitcom re-run, etc.

When you feel like being entertained by something on a big screen, we have created the media room, dedicated to movie nights, video games and board games. With Netflix and cable, you also have the option of streaming your own preferred shows or your laptop screen onto the TV.

The doors to the media room close off the main villa to create a very cozy, private media space. Sink in and recline on the incredibly comfortable Chippendale leather sofas, and enjoy a snack or beverage.

This is also the only smoking area in the villa. Close down the mechanized blinds to block out the world, and stream  your favorite  world right into your cozy, Chippendale-furnished den.



Dedicated media room with luxuriously comfortable Chippendale sofas and a big screen TV + streaming apps.

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