When visiting the Bindarri National Park, you can’t miss visiting the gorgeous Bangalore Falls. They are a must-see destination while exploring the National Park area. If you enjoy exploring nature uninterrupted, this is the place for you. These breathtaking waterfalls are easily accessible, yet in a beautifully remote location. Ahh the serenity!

Take a car and explore for yourself. The views are spectacular, after an easy 500 mtr walk from the car park. You will be speechless, year-round, at the magnificence. Admire the cascading view of water and breathe in the peace. You can even sneak a glance or two into the Bangalore Gorge from the lookout spot.

Make your way back slowly to the picnic area along the easy walking track. This short walk takes you past incredibly grand old trees, that somehow  (and thankfully) escaped the former logging activities in the park. You can ask your hosts for some history of the area to know about the logging past.

Relax and enjoy a pleasant day of picnicking under the trees. A soft breeze, dappled sun, the sound of the waterfalls pouring in the distance; it’s magical, like most of the natural Mid North Coast. Keep an eye out for lovely lyrebirds . If you’re a keen birdwatcher, you might hear and recognise the distinctive ‘wom-poo’ call of the wompoo fruit-doves. Just paradise for the day.

For more information: http://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/bindarri-national-park/bangalore-falls-walking-track/walking


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