Superb, Organic, Fresh

Gourmet granite private kitchenYour private granite-benched kitchen is at your disposal. With a large butler’s sink, gold tap ware and Roman blinds that open onto the back garden grove.

A superb coffee machine is provided, with blender, tableware, glassware, cutlery and coffee/ tea requirements. Chopping boards, a myriad of utensils, and a shelf of fresh herbs, spices and condiments are also supplied. Of course the dishwasher and fridge are at your disposal also.

The oven and microwave allow you to cook and heat your meals as required. Cleaning products are also supplied, as well as a rice cooker and several baking tins, trays, saucepans and pots, bowls, trays, etc etc.

You should feel complete at home, and if you need something we don’t have,  just ask.

We hope you make some beautiful memories preparing food together in the cute kitchen. From feeding each other, to creating masterpieces, the Hermitage Estate kitchen is a lovely part of the villa.

Alternatively, outdoor BBQ can be enjoyed on the outdoor terrace.