Private Peace Retreat

Learn The Techniques To Create A Deep Peaceful Energy Around Yourself.

The world is full of challenging circumstances and occurrences which rare beyond our control. Emotional turmoil can become overwhelming and leave you feeling out of control. The beautiful Hermitage Estate is very conducive to a peace retreat.

With complete elimination of stress and annoyances, you can clear your Chakras, refresh your energy and bring clean, white peace around you. A protective shield to maintain your calm peace of mind no matter what is going on around you. Deep inner peace is achievable.

You can research and learn how to retreat into your peace-shield when things become overwhelming, so you’re able to rise above negativity and respond in a mature and thoughtful manner. You can strengthen your mind and build self-confidence, which also contributes to peace of mind. You can learn about filtering and boundaries, essentially guaranteeing your peace is uninterrupted most of the time.

The most amazing time of your life is at your finger tips. Look forward to learning how to tap into these powerful, life-changing techniques. We recommend a minimum of 3 days for this treatment to infuse and start making changes in your life.


symbol of peace and serenity, the lotus blossom flower