History abounds in this area, much of which has not changed in 50 years. Visiting Bellingen is like going into a movie scene, where all your favorite little country-town touches are included. From the quaint little grocery store, the gourmet coffee houses & cafes, and the historical buildings. You can see classic signs of the past in the vintage designs and simple living.


Stunning beauty in country beautiful bellingen nsw
One of the many beautiful, picturesque farms near Bellingen

Peacefully grazing cows, lush, rolling green hills and pretty wildflowers are abundant, as is the wildlife. Expect to see bird life galore. Koalas, possums and wallabies are regular visitors – or audiences – as you go about your day in the surrounding areas. Kookaburras abound, and their amusing laugh will be peppered throughout your late afternoon. Watch your plate if you eat outside, Kookaburras love to steal food! Naughty little bandits.

Visiting Bellingen will take you back in time, to a simpler era when life was somehow more peaceful and wholesome. Here you can almost forget the current day world, and go back to the old days. You can choose your ambient scents – from summer florals, to organic manure, to freshly cut grass, to comforting wood fire in winter, or freshly baked bread & brewed coffee, depending on where you go.


Beautiful quaint Bellingen, a lovely quiet town on the Mid North Coast of Australia
The main street of quaint little Bellingen Town.

Bellingen is 520 kilometres north of Sydney, just inland from the Mid-North Coast. Driving from Sydney takes about 5-6 hours, depending how often you stop to rest/ refresh. It’s a 30-min drive from Coffs Harbour airport, which is serviced by several flights a day from Sydney and Melbourne, or which accepts private charter jets*. CountryLink trains run three times a day from Sydney to nearby Urunga and Coffs Harbour (a train trip takes about eight hours). However you decide to find your way here, the town can’t wait to welcome you.


Historical images of Bellingen Town:

Bellingen town historical photo, circa 1800s


Bellingen town historical photo, circa 1800s


Bellingen town historical photo, circa 1800s