We have chosen the most luxurious bedding for you to enjoy; feel as though you’re floating on a cloud, enveloped in comfort. Our carefully selected Crown Jewel® ultra-plush pillow-top mattresses ensure you are perfectly supported, yet lovingly nestled.

You’ll never want to leave. In addition, we have selected 350 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and slips, with the option of similar thread count bamboo sheets and slips. (One might think the higher the thread count, the higher the comfort; not so. Studies have confirmed 300-400 thread count is the optimum thread count for truly cozy bedding, to avoid a stiff or scratchy sheet. Double ply of course. Anything higher is usually just marketing jargon to charge a higher price, and is generally less comfortable.)

We offer a menu of pillow options for your ultimate comfort. Firm or soft, high or low, latex, microfiber and 700 loft goose down feather (ethically sourced) pillows are all available for you at your request. We also have body pillows, boomerang pillows, and other support pillows to ensure your sleep is as uninterrupted and restful as possible. Simply request your preferred pillow configuration.

All cushions are premium quality. They’re laundered and sanitized after every single guest in our own on-site commercial laundry, to ensure a pristine, hygienic and sumptuous environment for you, every time.


Light filled luxury suite at five star private retreat Hermitage Estate