♥ Little extras we've provided

At Hermitage Estate Retreat, luxury is the focus.

We’ve added some complimentary extras so your stay feels like home, whether it’s your first stay with us, or your twentieth. Absorb the genteel magic of the atmosphere, so  you can pamper and nurture yourself back to optimal health.  Or at least to optimal calm & relaxation! Below, you’re invited to browse through some of the pleasant inclusions we’ve put together, just for you:


Hermitage Estate is proud to offer Starlink wifi throughout the property. Watch your favourite movies, update your phone apps and respond to emails at your convenience.


Small to medium pets are welcomed to Hermitage Estate; please remember we are in a semi-rural area. Nature can be unpredictable, so please keep your pet close and safe if outdoors. Always provide a bowl of water for pets throughout the villa. An additional cleaning fee may be charged if there are extra little messes to clean up!


For the music lovers and key-tinklers, a sleek black Kawai baby grand takes pride of place in the corner of the spacious living room. With the 12m+ vaulted ceilings, the acoustics just call for a beautiful piano. Enjoy your own secret concert hall with a very special private audience.


While most people are enveloped by the tranquility and sink into deep relaxation, as a more adventurous, active type, you certainly won’t be bored.

If you’re wondering what to do once you settle in at Hermitage Estate, apart from wandering the gorgeous gardens and riverside, there are local rainforest and swimming holes to explore, off-roading fun, lookouts, horse riding, mountain biking, hiking, whale watching (within season), helicopter scenic flights, sky diving, wind surfing, wave surfing (and surfing lessons), golfing, fishing and more. View activities in more detail here.


Set up anywhere in the lush gardens or inside the villa, and allow your favourite You Tube Yogi or Yoga App to take you through a calming and beneficial Yoga session, customized to your personal experience and physical needs. Whether you’re a novice beginner or an experienced professional, you will gain great benefit from this practice, and be left feeling refreshed and revitalized. The tranquility of the Estate lends itself to the meditation and Yoga perfectly. Namaste!


The Estate offers a cozy winter wonderland for couples during May – September in Australia. (And sometimes well into December, lately!) The indoor and outdoor fireplaces offer the most delightful atmosphere for snuggling and cozy togetherness. A perfect spot to finish your wine or cocktail after dinner, or sneak in a warming hot chocolate. Let the children roast marshmallows while you forget about the world.


Sneak away from the gorgeous villa and enjoy an indulgent, secluded dip in our warm outdoor spa. Surrounded by the sweet-scented trees and magical fairy lights, with the gorgeous mountain views, the spa offers new levels of relaxation and enjoyment. Relax with a beverage as the perfect-temperature bubbles soothe your body all over. Life doesn’t get much better than this.


While the valley is already very green and fertile, the owners have gone to great effort and expense to design and create absolutely beautiful, lush gardens throughout the Estate grounds. The constantly growing, expanding and changing gardens offer a truly tranquil feeling of luxury as you stroll the front formal gardens, and wander down to the olive grove by the pond.

There’s even a peaceful and romantic secret garden behind the gazebo. Find your way in and be led through a maze of natural beauty. With its dappled sunlight and cozy outlook, it’s the perfect place for reading a book, bringing morning tea, or spending a romantic afternoon. Or just sit and absorb nature – it’s the most heavenly place for meditation or a spot of yoga.

Carefully designed to encourage beautiful summer scents, and attract butterflies and bird life, the lovingly manicured gardens, maintained by dedicated groundskeepers, contribute to the sense of paradise. In addition, a private organic vegetable garden and fruit orchards provide much of the produce.


Flowing gently (and sometimes wildly!) behind the Estate is the crystal-clear waters of the Never Never River. You’re able to amble down to just sit in peaceful, cool nature and listen to the calming water flowing over mossy rocks. Or you may take a dip in the cool, clear waters. Some even like to hire a kayak and paddle down to the Bellinger River, when the water height is right. A popular swimming location for locals, the Estate enjoys almost 500 meters of private, quiet riverfront. You’re welcome to share in this very precious and sacred part of our beautiful property.


We have chosen the most luxurious bedding for you to enjoy; feel as though you’re floating on a cloud, enveloped in comfort. Our carefully selected Crown Jewel® ultra-plush pillow-top mattresses ensure you are perfectly supported, yet lovingly nestled.

You’ll never want to leave. In addition, we have selected 350 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and slips, with the option of similar thread count bamboo sheets and slips. (One might think the higher the thread count, the higher the comfort; not so. Studies have confirmed 300-400 thread count is the optimum thread count for truly cozy bedding, to avoid a stiff or scratchy sheet. Double ply of course. Anything higher is usually just marketing jargon to charge a higher price, and generally less comfortable.)

We offer a menu of pillow options for your ultimate comfort. Firm or soft, high or low, latex, microfiber and 700 loft goose down feather (ethically sourced) pillows are all available for you at your request. We also have body pillows, boomerang pillows, and other support pillows to ensure your sleep is as uninterrupted and restful as possible. Simply request your preferred pillow configuration.

All cushions are premium quality. They’re laundered and sanitized after every single guest in our own on-site commercial laundry, to ensure a pristine, hygienic and sumptuous environment for you, every time.


'Luxurious bedding at Hermitage Estate


Our choice of linen is based not on its ability to last or affordability, but on its comfort for you. Fluffy, soft and absorbent, your bathrobes, towels, floor mats, hand towels and face washers are all of premium, sumptuous quality. Even the kitchen hand towels are plush and comforting. Sheets, pillows and bedding are sumptuous and calming. Sanitized as well as laundered, you can be assured of pristine hygiene throughout the villa.


Fluffy soft towels for the bathroom


Gourmet granite private kitchenThe villa’s charming country kitchen is at your disposal. With a gorgeous view out into the rear grove garden. You’ll have all manner of provisions for breakfast; fruit, eggs, bread, mustard, milk, cheese, yoghurt, butter and oil, along with herbs and spices and other treats to nibble on, until you have time to go to the local store and purchase your favourites – if you didn’t already bring them with you!

Pots, pans and utensils are all provided for you to create your own gourmet masterpieces in the beautiful granite kitchen with 900mm six-burner gas stove and oven.

For those inclined towards culinary skills, we provide black pepper, cumin, oregano, fresh and dry rosemary, thyme, chili and local organic garlic. Other provisions can include organic extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, coconut oil, and Himalayan salt

Breakfast time? Fresh fruit is always best, the easiest food for humans to digest. The local Bellingen organic food store will provide you with an abundance of choices. You might like to pop into the bakery and purchase some warm fresh croissant, or  pick up some flour and come back to whip up some pancakes!

You can also find raw sugar, premium honey and jams, plus the famous Australian Vegemite of course in the local stores. Mushrooms, onion, garlic and tomatoes make a great toast-topping fry-up; add some avocado for healthy fats. Natural yogurt, fresh squeezed organic apple or orange juice, fresh fruit and bottled pure water are also great idea of items you can buy locally.




Books, Books, Books! ♥  If you love books, there are plenty here for you to indulge your inner bookworm. There’s nothing wrong with a little Bibliophilia!

We stock a range of general novels, biographies, romance novels, mysteries and horror stories, plus childhood favorites and other modern reading material. Grab a book and recline somewhere delightful – absolutely anywhere will meet that criteria. Even the little reading nook seat by the library itself.