Romantic Elopement Destination in NSW

An elopement encapsulates a deeply personal and romantic occasion where couples opt to share the moment solely between themselves or with a select few family and friends. It revolves around a private “just us” affair tailored to reflect the couple’s values and desires for their special day.

Hermitage Estate awaits if you and your beloved seek a secluded, serene, and breathtaking setting to exchange vows in utmost privacy. Enjoy the privacy and seclusion, far from prying eyes, ensuring a secure and intimate celebration of your love.

Discover the Magic of Intimate Elopements in NSW

Nestled in New South Wales’ evergreen hinterlands, our five-star riverside oasis offers spellbinding views. Imagine being the sole guests on our expansive five-acre estate, surrounded by serene natural beauty.

While we can’t host weddings or large events due to zoning laws, we specialize in crafting romantic elopements for intimate ceremonies. With complete privacy and exclusivity, indulge in our absolute private arrival experience, ensuring confidentiality for discerning guests who value privacy above all else.

Lovely restful views everywhere you look

An Exquisite Venue for Your Once-in-a-Lifetime Elopement in NSW

Get a glimpse of our cozy gardens below for your dream elopement setting.

Love is in the air in Gleniffer, the perfect elopement destination.

Experience the enchantment firsthand. Book Hermitage Estate for your intimate elopement and let it be our sweet little secret.

Rustic Romance, Whispering Pines, Secluded Vows

Romance doesn’t need to shout to be heard; it thrives in the gentle whispers of the wind through the trees and the soft rustle of leaves underfoot.

Exchange vows in our secluded garden, surrounded by the lush greenery of New South Wales. Our garden elopements offer the perfect blend of serenity and intimacy, where the only witnesses are the towering trees and the fragrant blooms. Experience the thrill of secrecy as you declare your love under the open sky, with only the sounds of nature to accompany your whispers.

Spoil yourself with a luxury retreat at the lush countryside getaway Hermitage Estate

Immerse Yourself in the Artsy Vibes of New South Wales

Experience the intimate magic of a romantic elopement amidst the artistic allure of New South Wales. Let the vibrant culture and creative energy of NSW infuse your special day with unforgettable moments, surrounded by stunning landscapes and inspired by the artsy vibes of this captivating destination.

Create Timeless Memories in Your Own Private Paradise

It’s your home away from home, completely surrounded by nature, with so many secret spots you will surely enjoy with the love of your life.

Why Choose Hermitage Estate for Romantic Elopement in New South Wales

Committing to the one you love is such a sacred, personal moment. What better way than to declare your love in the complete privacy of your estate?

Scenic Ceremony Locations

Revel in the exquisite panoramas as you enjoy exclusive access to our grounds for your wedding photoshoot. Our enchanting gardens and breathtaking vistas provide an unparalleled backdrop for capturing timeless moments.

Luxurious Accommodations

Wake up to breathtaking vistas of majestic peaks, providing a picturesque backdrop for your intimate getaway in our Mountain View Suite, located in the west wing. Or perhaps, take refuge in our Rainforest View Suite, opposite to the east. You can also cozy up with your beloved for a private movie night or indulge in a quiet evening of relaxation. Our beautiful living area, flooded with natural light, provides the ideal space to share intimate moments and create cherished memories together.

Private and Paparazzi-Free

If you envision exchanging vows in a quiet, intimate ceremony under the canopy of ancient trees and verdant shrubs, or maybe a romantic gathering beside a babbling brook, Hermitage Estate provides the perfect backdrop for your love story to unfold. Leave behind your worries of unwanted attention and indulge in the privacy you most deserve on your special day.

It would be our utmost privilege to be part of your cherished day and sacred moment. Contact us today to book your private elopement and honeymoon package.