The Promised Land in Gleniffer is a very special part of Bellingen Shire. It’s not difficult to see why it was named “Promised Land” by those who discovered it. Nestled under the protective gaze of the Dorrigo mountains, the beautiful Bellinger Valley is unmatched anywhere in Australia.

There is a certain magic here, a peaceful energy that flows through the very veins of the area. It is lush and green year-round, and is utterly beautiful, whether in the height of Summer, or in the depths of Winter. No wonder it’s a popular place to live!

Some say it’s the rivers, some say it’s the mountains, but most well-traveled people will agree there is no area quite as gorgeous as the Promised Land, Gleniffer. Having this little piece of Paradise within a little piece of Paradise, we’re able to share it with those who are equally enamored by natural beauty.

The river doesn’t exactly detract from the beauty, but it can’t be the only reason for the lushness in the Bellinger Valley. In other areas around Australia, (especially in certain seasons), the banks around the river are green, while the rest is either parched brown from heat or frost, or just simply not as lush as Gleniffer.

As if blessed by God himself, the magical beauty of the area is unparalleled, as those who have been here know. From the moment you drive into the area, that feeling comes over you. The almost-too-perfect country surroundings seduce you, and you’re enveloped in the fantasy beauty of the perfect picturesque boroughs – mind, body, soul and spirit.

While our private swimming hole is at your disposal during your stay, if you happened to be looking for a different location, there are plenty of other spots around the Promised Land in which to indulge one’s water-baby talents. If you’re a sociable type, any of the public areas will be fun, packed with families and new people to meet during Summer. Please remember to collect your belongings and trash when you leave any riparian area; leave only your footprints : )


Pristine fresh water river swimming holes, Gleniffer
Secret swimming holes at the Never Never River, Promised Land


If you’re more of an introvert, stick to the private river right inside Hermitage Estate. Perhaps you feel like enjoying a drier activity? Experienced bicyclists or equestrian enthusiasts can enjoy any of the many riding tracks in the region. Experienced bush-walkers will love the kilometers-long hike up past Crystal Creek to the magnificent waterfalls. Anticipate a good 6 hour expedition**.

There’s a good chance that you will have the area to yourself. While the areas surrounding Gleniffer are popular, there aren’t a lot of people with the time to go there outside of summer holidays. So many of the beautiful, charming locations one can find, are very often wonderfully private and secluded.

** Long treks are recommended to extremely fit and experienced hikers only. Please always remember to tell someone or leave a note, when you go into bush land, where phone reception is usually unavailable. Always wear long trousers, with sturdy shoes or boots, and always bring a long sleeve shirt, plenty of water, and some nibbles like nuts or sandwiches, carefully sealed in 2 ziplock bags. A fully charged mobile phone and a torch are also good tools to have, just in case you can catch a phone signal somewhere!

Truth be told (according to long time locals whose grandparents grew up here) , generations ago each area of Gleniffer had its own area title, and ‘Promised Land’ was actually the name of a specific area on the top of the Promised Land Loop Road. However over the years, given its incredible beauty, ‘Promised Land’ has been attributed to the entire Promised Land Road area and Never Never River. With little wonder; the entire loop road drive offers breathtaking beauty one can only imagine was once touched by angels.


Promised Land's lush private river front, the Never Never River
Lush Promised Land private river front.