Never Never River, Hermes Estate One of the most special places on earth, the picture-perfect environment of the river behind Hermitage Estate is calming and relaxing, while somehow invigorating and revitalizing at the same time. With some of the most breathtaking scenery in Australia, this beautiful river is fiercely protected by locals. As a guest or visitor, please respect the area and tread lightly on the earth; leave only footprints and take only photos.

Hermitage Estate is nestled into a canopied section of the ever-flowing, pristine waters of the River. The Estate sits on the banks of the fresh water body, which is in fact the water supply for the property, and all properties located along its banks. Triple-UV filtered, the water is pure and natural, very safe for drinking. The river is crystal clear and cool all year round – except during a flood, when she dances and flirts wildly with the banks, messy and muddy, having the time of her life.

With nothing to break the silence but the calming, babbling waters over the smooth river rocks, you’ll feel a million miles from any pressure or worries. You’ll never want to leave as nature gently absorbs any negative energy, and imparts peace and positivity. The incredible gift of nature is breathtaking, giving without asking anything in return, taking negative things and making them positive.

As much as we may try, we cannot survive without nature, and must not separate ourselves from it. Even so, human intervention can be stressful; Adopting a live-and-let-live attitude is encouraged, where all living things are valued and have a right to co-exist safely. Observe without judgement or intervention. Respect each other’s right to exist as we wish.

The lovely Valley was originally settled in 1863. With quite some heritage and many stories passed down, it is around 10 minutes from the beautiful, bohemian town of Bellingen. Enjoy a preview in the video below.

Meditate a few minutes, breathe, let the world fade away. Close your eyes and just visualize yourself sitting on a cool rock, relaxed and carefree, absorbing the sounds and energy of nature, far away from the rest of society… Now you can understand why this place was once named ‘Seventh Heaven’. Press play… (sound on) :