Picnicking al fresco is a centuries-old past time, allowing us to interact with nature, while enjoying a snack and a beverage. A lot of people have nostalgic memories of childhood picnics. When the weather is pleasant, a large soft blanket & cushions on the soft grass under the shade of a tree, makes a beautiful casual dining option. Relax in the fresh air, take in the views, within an extremely down to earth environment, (pardon the pun!)

Unlike your childhood picnics, your butler will prepare and bring you lovely wholesome picnic foods and drinks. Whatever you need can be provided for, just ask. You can be left alone, or have your Butler stationed nearby, at your service. Stretch out, relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Your Butler will tidy the picnic items when you’re done. A change of scenery can help the appetite, and the serenity of nature is conducive to mindful dining and digestion.


Butler-assisted luxury picnic dining