Off-Roading Adventures through Australian rainforest

Off-road driving is basically what it says – the activity of driving through land that is off the road, unpaved. For some people, driving over a bumpy, rocky road would be undesirable, For others it’s highly enjoyable to be out in the wild, free from roads and traffic.

The Australian Mid North Coast has an abundance of trails and different terrains to explore. The off-road trails we have chosen are mild and well-worn; we don’t cause additional environmental damage.

A proper, solid vehicle is provided, with an experienced driver. Explore through the lush Australian rainforest, enjoying the fresh air and the wildlife. Stop and admire the towering high trees, 100’s of years old.

You may even get lucky and come across an Australian marsupial or reptile! There will certainly be a myriad of bird life twittering above.  It’s a wonderland of nature and beauty, uniquely Australian.

We’ll instruct you on clothing to wear, and some snacks and water will be provided. You can breathe in the clear, green scent of the Australian bushland, and experience the peace of being far, far away from society’s noise.

Your worries somehow seem less important, as you gaze up at an enormous 250 year old tree. Just as it absorbs carbon dioxide and expels oxygen, nature has a way of absorbing bad energy, and returning fresh, good energy.

You’ll return feeling lighter, more content and revitalized. There’s a reason why Australians love to trek through the forest. Nature is resplendent and regenerative.