Hermes Estate offers mountain bikes for those who enjoy exploring on wheels, yet still being out in the fresh air. We also know all the wonderful walking and hiking tracks throughout the area. Whether biking or hiking, we can bring you on a guided tour, or recommend places for you to go alone to hike or ride. We’ll provide you with a pack including water, food and essentials. The Mid North Coast is teeming with gorgeous places to explore.


rainforest hiking and biking activities


It is well known that physical activity improves both physiological and psychological well-being. There are studies which address additional physiological and mental health benefits that appear to occur when exercise is performed in an outdoor environment. People’s connection to nature has changed over the centuries, and this has important implications as to how humans now interact with nature. Barriers exist these days, and it’s believed the synergistic combination of exercise and exposure to nature means the ‘great outdoors’ could be used as a powerful tool to help fight the growing incidence of both physical inactivity and non-communicable disease. What more reason do we need to connect to nature and be active outdoors?