Depression is an invisible illness and can be like a black cloud following you around. An unwanted malaise, an aching melancholy that lingers and shadows everything you do. While many people simply adjust to a less ‘colorful’ mood, others can find it overwhelming and painful to endure. Instead of just waiting for depression to pass, what if you were able to find your way out of it? What if each time it descends, you know how to dodge it, or ease it back? While there’s no pressure to always be ‘happy’, contentment and peace of mind are important to minimize stress and live a more fulfilling life.

While there are different versions of depression (clinical depression, seasonal depression, hormonal depression etc.), there are techniques you can use to minimize or even eliminate this overwhelming annoyance from your life. Depression can stop you enjoying opportunities or creating memories. Why live with the exhausting weight of chronic depression? If there are ways we can teach you to get out from under the black cloud, we will be delighted to show you and help lead you into the sunshine again. None of us is born depressed. Live your birthright of freedom and peace of mind.

While we can discuss some of the topics with you during a brief stay, we recommend a minimum of 3-4 weeks for this wellness treatment to infuse and start making serious changes in your life.