Creativity is not linear…

Hermitage Estate’s incredible beauty and tranquility have a way of sparking the mind’s most ingenious corners into action. After the bustle and constant distraction of the world has faded away and your mind is allowed to quiet and rest, it soon comes to life, seeing things from different angles. The peace allows your mind to circle the topic from different angles like a free-style photographer. You’ll see things from different perspectives, and your mind will be allowed to wander wonderfully, until it happens upon a wonderful idea.

You’ll sit up suddenly in excitement one day as the idea slides gently into your mind, and you’ll be furiously scribbling notes/ writing/ drawing. It’s a beautiful thing, the way the area affects one’s creativity. Whether you have writers block, have a character to flesh out, or have just been commissioned to come up with a big design of some kind, a perfect way to prepare for and create your masterpiece, is to spend a few days or weeks at Hermitage Estate. Quiet your mind and allow the universal ideas to filter in. With every provision taken care of, all your thoughts can be on your creative process, rather than mundane topics and noise. No heavy traffic, no other people, no paparazzi, no interruptions.

We look forward to welcoming you into the clear, balanced space of Hermitage Estate, so you can finally think straight and let your creative genius bring you what you need. A private retreat will re-balance you and clear any blockages to your creativity. There’s a certain magic energy around here that just inspires original thought. Create your next masterpiece in paradise. Contact us now to book your escape, and let your mind run free. We recommend a minimum of 2-4 weeks for this experience to infuse and start truly taking effect.  Ultimately, when your creativity begins to flow again, you’ll know you’ve reached your goal!