Special Wellness Treatments

Special Treatments

Hermes Estate is a gracious place of peace, healing, support and love.

Some guests come to our gorgeous paradise to just unwind & escape in pure serenity, or to enjoy exciting Australian experiences. Others seek assistance in achieving a goal of self improvement and wellness in privacy. As our only guest, you receive 100% of our attention and focus in helping you succeed once and for all. (Guests of Hermes Estate hire the entire Estate, with a maximum of four adults.)

On offer are a wide range of specialized, fully inclusive wellness treatment packages. Our ultimate goal is to help you reduce stress, detoxify your body & mind, and head in the direction of optimal health. Providing an effective wellness destination in Australia, our highly qualified and caring wellness professionals will inspire and motivate you with the personalized information and practices you need to succeed.

Whether healing a part of your psyche, detoxification (‘detox’) from society’s toxins, perfecting the health of your skin, or finding the secret to finally managing a healthy weight, we have the treatments to raise your vibration and enlighten your energy. Align yourself with nature again, and live effortlessly in shining health, which is our noble human right. Some treatments can be combined. Our treatments include:



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