Weight loss and weight management is a 200 Billion dollar industry, and is estimated to reach USD 303.81 billion by 2027! These people are in business for money, not necessarily to genuinely assist people in managing their weight. Yes there may be some temporary results, however check back and we’ll see there are very few whose weight control stays controlled.

What if there were a way to eat as much as you like, without putting on weight? Without shakes, gimmicks, dangerous health damaging practices and nutritional deficiencies? Re-balancing your system and natural function, boosting your energy naturally without false stimulants? We’re here to tell you, there is – and it’s free! We can teach you lifestyle techniques to manage a healthy weight.

Why were there so few obese people in centuries past? We can give you the solid, scientific information , minus all the marketing noise, about what is genuinely healthy.

Given that doctors receive only about 2-6 weeks’ nutritional training in all their years of study, and that their income is predicated on you remaining unwell, medical professionals aren’t really the best source of information for wellness and longevity. The same generally applies to random Instagram ‘coaches’ with no real credentials, but lots of followers… Those who are qualified in nutrition and wellness are the best option for you to be mentored by.

Today’s society is an alien environment for our as-yet un-evolved biology. Marketers have hijacked that concept and strive to capture us all in ‘the pleasure trap’. Looking back anthropologically, we can see the human’s species-specific eating patterns and lifestyle. Following that simple and natural practice, our weight re-balances naturally. Any metabolic syndrome created by restricting calories for years can be healed, and your weight set-point will start to drop. Your body will begin to understand your natural healthy weight, and start to release excess fat.

If you don’t currently have fat to lose, we can teach you the techniques to prevent it in the first place and maintain your current healthy weight balance. It might be interesting for you to gain some knowledge while you’re visiting, just for fun. Since eating well not only manages weight but also contributes to your length of life, Eating correctly could be more important than you think.

While we can discuss some of the topics with you during a brief stay, we recommend a minimum of 4 weeks for this wellness treatment to infuse and start making serious changes in your life and habits. Resetting neural pathways takes time, but can absolutely be achieved, where you no longer even have to think about it.