An eating disorder is characterized by ‘abnormal or disturbed eating habits’. Some of these include Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating, as well as excessive Fasting and Restrictive Dieting. Our bodies are more than a fashion plate, they are the only home our soul has. They require a minimum of nutrients and calories to function. Eating disorders can do untold internal damage long term, as the organs struggle to cope and function on minimal support. Our bodies are not meant to work that way. However past trauma, psychological issues and even the ridiculous pressures of society on appearances can all contribute to an eating disorder.

Many people have an eating disorder and aren’t even aware of it. The binge-restrict cycle most women adhere to is also disordered eating. Any behavior involving food that is obsessive, fear-based, or based in lack of nutritional knowledge, has the capacity to cause interruptive havoc in our lives. Not to mention detrimental damage to our health. When your eating is out of control, or under too much restrictive control, and begins to encroach on your lifestyle, thoughts and health, it may be time to consult a professional and address the issue. Repairing your comfortable relationship with food is imperative to your future long term health.

In today’s diet-culture, where almost everyone is following some kind of eating plan or restrictive diet, there is a myriad of misinformation being marketed to unsuspecting people. These are people seeking genuine solutions, and mostly being sold lies. Some of these lies are also extremely dangerous, leading to disordered thinking and behavior. It is very important you have the correct information, backed by science, and delivered by a qualified individual whose goal is to see you well, not to make as much ongoing money as possible from you.

With the treatment at Hermes Estate, we begin with education. Once the smoke has cleared and all the health information makes sense again, we will move forward. Starting with self-value treatment, we work with you to learn and practice techniques & thought processes that will help you make better choices. Repetitive practice will make it easier for you to replicate the techniques and patterns at home in  your own life.

Because eating disorders can take time to reshape and develop into healthier patterns, our therapist is available to you for private, ongoing online sessions, to support you in your new health-conscious lifestyle. If you are at your wits end in dealing with an eating disorder, please allow us to support you into your ultimate health goals. While we can discuss some of the topics with you during a brief stay, we recommend a minimum of 4-6 weeks for this wellness treatment to infuse and start making changes in your life.